Scholarships for Catholic Schools


As a parent in the Metroplex, you have many choices for your child’s education. In terms of academics, you can rest assured that Catholic schools in the Diocese of Dallas adhere to rigorous standards that place ours among the best Dallas area schools, often meeting or exceeding local, state and national averages. Dallas area Catholic schools also believe that it is your heart and spirit that form your character, so it is our mission to build within our students strong moral compasses. From elementary school through high school, Dallas area Catholic schools offer numerous opportunities to provide for a well-rounded life experience, and assist in nurturing leadership qualities. Finally, at the heart of everything we do is our Catholic faith. Understanding God in Christ helps children better understand themselves and navigate the world they live in.


Catholic schools in the Diocese of Dallas welcome students of all backgrounds and faiths. There is simply no greater gift you can give your child than an excellent education in a Dallas area Catholic school that includes the lifelong benefits of character development and faith formation. Visit for more information about the Catholic Schools of Dallas.