CHRISTUS Health – Title Sponsor

As a Catholic, faith-based health care system, CHRISTUS Health is guided by our mission to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. We live out this mission every day by offering compassionate care and advanced medicine in more than 100 cities in the United States, Mexico, Chile and Colombia. We take seriously the responsibility to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve. Headquartered here in Dallas, we are very much a part of this community and are honored to take part in the Bishop Invitational as the Title Sponsor. Helping to provide children with a quality Catholic education is a noble cause, but more than that we are helping young people go on to become part of a prestigious group of alumni. One day these young people will likely go on to become leaders in business, government or maybe even health care. If they choose health care, we look forward to welcoming them into the CHRISTUS family. We are always looking to add Associates with integrity and character, which includes many of those who have a wonderful foundation that is great Catholic school education.



Mike and Mary Terry

We believe that Catholic schools really focus on the whole person.  They teach a sense of values and morals in addition to academics, because students are learning the importance of God in our lives. Part of our Foundation’s mission is providing equal opportunities for all children and advancing youth through education. When some persistent Catholic lay leaders persuaded the Bishop to start a new golf tournament supporting Catholic schools, we were honored to help kick off the first year and continue to support this event. Arriving at the tournament and talking with Catholic school students from all over the Diocese is a reminder of how very important the funds raised are to so many children, their families, and our entire Catholic community.

Don and Jane Hanratty, Inaugural Chairs

We recognized there had not been a diocese wide golf event nor a diocese wide event for the schools for many years. In 2009, we identified 13 at risk schools and wanted to help by raising money for scholarships through a tournament. The golfers and sponsors supporting Catholic education have filled 2,465 empty seats thanks to: Mike and Mary Terry, Ernie Sadau and CHRISTUS Health, Lee Trevino, the Diocese of Dallas management team led by the Bishop and Bill Keffler, Team Urbanus, Dr. Vereecke, Dr. Alonzo, and our committee chairs: Gates, Lattners, Klaudts, Lyons, Nolans, Schafflers, Taylors, and this fall, Sladeks and Schiefelbeins. We are now blessed to welcome Bishop Burns to Dallas and to the event to continue this wonderful opportunity for many students.

When we see an empty chair, it reminds us that there are too many empty seats in our 36 Catholic schools. While golfers and non-golfers passionate about Catholic education are filling 350 seats per year, there are 500 more to fill each year. – Please join us in giving a gift of a lifetime.

Kaitlyn Aguilar, Principal – St. Mary of Carmel Catholic School

At St. Mary of Carmel Catholic School in West Dallas, we strive each day to build the Kingdom of Heaven by forming saints and scholars. We believe that every child deserves a quality, Catholic education, regardless of their socioeconomic status and for that reason we work to eliminate the barrier that our tuition can often be to families. More than 78% of our students receive some form of tuition assistance and that’s why we are so grateful for your kindness in donating funds for scholarships through the Bishop’s Invitational. Without the generosity of donors like you, St. Mary of Carmel would not be able to serve nearly the number of students that we do, putting them on the path to College and Heaven. On behalf of the deserving students and families, we thank you.  May God bless you!

Deacon Ken Reisor – St. Thomas Aquinas Church

Regarding the Bishop’s Golf Tournament last year, I just wanted to say: What a great day! I was so fortunate to have been invited to play in the inaugural tournament in 2011 by a very kind parishioner who knows how much I love to play golf. It was a wonderful day on the course with a fun group of guys. But, more than that it, was so good to see the Bishop taking this opportunity to meet and greet so many folks. Everyone had an opportunity to have their group picture taken with him at the turn, and I know that meant so much to so many. But, most of all, it was heartwarming to learn of the financial success of the tourney. It is such a fantastic cause to raise money for those in need of help for their Catholic education. Not only was it a fun day, it was a fun day with a great cause. So, I just wanted to share these thoughts in case anyone needs a little push to sign up. I hope to be there again this year. – Blessings to all

Vicky and Doug Lattner – 2013 co-Chairs

There are at least two major reasons that I participate in the Bishop’s Invitational. First, there is no more noble cause than to provide children the finest education possible, and I believe that the Catholic education provided by our Catholic schools here in the Dallas Metroplex is unquestionably the BEST. The proceeds from the tournament impact this greatly, and I believe the Invitational should be admired and embraced by all in the Catholic Community of Dallas. Whether or not you are a golfer. Second, the Bishop has such a passion for this diocese that one cannot help being swept up in his passion for Catholic education, the Bishop’s passion for his constituents, and above all his passion for our faith. He is infectious in his demeanor, his attitude and for his flock. Oh and by the way, I like playing golf as well. – Be well