Chairs and Committee

2022 Event Chairs
Tom & sue merkel

“To whom much is given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48)

We are honored and humbled to lead this year’s Bishop’s Invitational Golf Tournament.  The mission is noble and the task is nothing short of colossal given that there are so many in our Diocese that desire a Catholic school education.  We all know that family formation and education are the keys to solving just about all our of society’s ills.  And we know there are countless families within our Diocese that just can’t afford the Catholic education part of the equation.  We invite all of you, our friends and our fellow Catholics, to help bring the many benefits (both academic and non-academic) of a Catholic education to more families within our Diocese.  Thank you in advance for all your consideration.  The children’s gratitude will last a lifetime!

– Tom & Sue Merkel

2023 Event Chairs

“We are honored to chair this year’s Bishop’s Invitational as we work to make a Catholic education possible for every child in the Diocese of Dallas. With your help, we can continue the golf tournament’s tremendous success in raising funds that go directly to scholarships and tuition assistance. We believe that a first-rate education is critical to help children navigate the modern world and that a quality Catholic education is the single best way to equip a child for a bright future. Our Catholic elementary schools are the perfect place for children to build a strong foundation for high school, college, and beyond, all while nurturing their faith in a Christ-centered environment. We hope that you will join us in supporting the children of our Diocese.”

– Kara & Peter Gehan

Committee Members

Veronica Alonzo

Kayla and Cribb Altman

Sammy and Michelle Argumaniz

Monica and Bob Austin

Jude and Chris Barnet

Kevin Bartholomew

Jeff Baum

Michael Baum

Rae Bechtel

Odeta and Kevin Beck

David Brezette

Cecilia and Calvin Colbert

Buzz Crutcher

Kelly and Franklin Diaz

Faye and Scott Dieckhaus

Mary and Jeff Duelks

Michele and Gerald Dunn

Laura Fox

Jennifer and Matt Garcia

Kara and Peter Gehan

Jennifer and William Gracheck

Sarah and Kelly Halaszyn

Jane and Don Hanratty*

Kate and Ryan Hanratty

Darby and James Henry

Jim Hickey

Tim and Angie Hubach*

John Hughes

Bill Keffler

Katy Kiser

Jane and Mike Koenecke

Ellie and John Landon

Vicky and Doug Lattner*

Georgia and Marc Lyons*

Megan and David Martinez

Caroline and Wyatt Maxwell*

Amy and Jamie Mentgen

Sue and Tom Merkel*

Michael Moran

Gabe Moreno

Joe Murphy

Maresa and David Nieswiadomy

Maria and Joe Nolan*

Heather and Danny Ortega

Alise and Mark Platt

Chris and Joe Popolo

Melissa and Dustin Pridmore *

Len Ruby

Bridget and Brian Sahrmann

Cortney and Clay Sanders

Amanda and Jeff Schiefelbein*

Cynthia and Grant Schmidt

Mary and Bill Sladek*

Joe Slovensky

Betty and Steve Suellentrop*

Kelly and Chris Taylor*

Mike and Mary Terry *

Lené Westerman

Dave Woodyard

*Denotes Past Chairs


Robyn Trowbridge
Associate Director, Events and Stewardship

Kelly Halaszyn
Director of Development